Why Custom Audience is the Most Powerful Strategy in Facebook Ads

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If you are already familiar with custom audience, you should already know that it is a very strong strategy for Facebook ads agency and perhaps, a marketing strategy that you like the most. We’ll remind you on any day why you should continue to like it.

But if you have not even heard of custom audience, read on to learn more about it.

Custom audience is a list of customers you collect from their interactions on your website, app or social pages thanks to Facebook pixel. Using the information you get, you create a list of existing customers to help you search for similar customers on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Custom audience is indeed a powerful tool when used wisely and strategically. We’ll tell you why.

Identifying the Right Audience for You

Targeting is very important in online marketing — so important that if you fail to target your audience properly, you are likely to fail in any of your ad campaign, because targeting the wrong group of people is pointless and a waste of of time. People who cannot relate to your business offers will not engage with you, hence they will not buy from you either.

Custom audience will help you find leads and create sales conversions. It will also help you understand your customers better. That way you will be able to craft better ad campaigns in the future.

For example, if you are selling women’s shoes, you will learn that women’s feet come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Ask yourself:

  • Are you merely selling common women’s shoes, or are you also helping women to find the best fits for their feet?

Maybe you have always had female customers with feet sizes between UK5 to UK8. But over the years, you realise that you there are demands for smaller shoe sizes. So then you start providing shoes in smaller sizes and crafting your ads to inform small feet women that you have small shoes options for them and that they should consider buying from you.

Custom audience will also give you a clearer idea of your customers’ age groups, locations, interests, etc.

Re-evaluating Your Target Audience

Sometimes you think that you can be comfortable after identifying your target audience thanks to the custom audience you have, but it is not always as simple as that. You need to continue re-evaluating your audience because consumer behaviours will change in time.

Maybe now you have a lot of male and female customers buying from you, between age 25 to 35 years old. But that could change in the months or years to come. Maybe you will realise that most of your customers are females, or men and women around the age between 28 to 35 only.

When this happens, you may need to change the way you are targeting customers. Then, use a new custom audience to craft your ad targeting. If you have more female customers, then get rid of the men from your ad targeting.

Why? Because they can be costly in the long run. They will likely be the least one to engage with your ads.

Since every interaction will cost you every penny, you have the right to be picky, especially when you have a tight budget. You may need to eliminate whichever group you find the least relevant to you and only keep the best.

Creating Brand Loyalty

Use custom audience to retain customers. Remarketing will benefit you in the long run. The content types that will be suitable for you remarketing ads are:

  • New product announcements

  • Dynamic product ads

  • Product remarketing

  • Upselling

Use converted audience to set up your custom audience. Thank the people who have purchased your product by sending them to your thank-you page. This way you will not send a thank-you message to them twice. Otherwise, it will be weird.

To do this, set up a new custom audience and select Web Traffic as the source for your audience. Rather than targeting all of your web visitors, target those who have visited specific web pages. In this case, choose People Who Visited Specific Web Pages from the drop-down list. Add the URL of your thank-you page. Something like this:

  • /thank-you/

Choose the time period (90 or 180 days) for your thank-you page. For example, choose 90 days if your customers have recently converted within 90 days.

Give it a name and select Create Audience.

By simply thanking your customers, you are creating engagement with them and making them feel special. Without custom audience, it will be rather difficult to know exactly who you should thank and market your product to in the future.

Crafting Your Content Better

As mentioned earlier, custom audience is important as it will help you understand customers better, hence help you make better content. Better content will give you better results, of course.

When determining your content, ask yourself:

  • What is it that you offer that truly matters in the eyes of the consumers?

Consumers will only be able to relate to things that are relevant to them. The more relevant, the better your chances of creating leads and sales. The relevance of your content will resonate to them, hence influence their buying decisions.

So if you are already using custom audience, keep up with it and always strive to improve the way you use it.

If you have yet to use it, then go ahead and give it a try. Just be sure that you get your targeting right and your content carefully crafted. Don't be afraid to experiment with custom audience and put in some money into it. It will not be long until you see the fruit of your hard work!

Gerald Ming