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ORGANIC GROWTH (SEO) is an international eCommerce store selling famous Japanese denim brands such as Momotaro, Japan Blue and others.

We helped the founder to lay out great foundation for international expansion through focusing on great SEO structures. The following guideline is our blueprint to ensure Denimio achieve great SEO.


The following step is to crawl the entire site and look at the current rank on SERP.

Each pages are given a grade and how well it was being optimised and the current rankings.

This is crucial because it allows us understand how good is the structure and giving us some insights on what are the optimisation required.

From the data, we compile all the buying keywords and decide which are the monetising keywords to work on.

These are break down into phases so we will focus on the priorities before expand out to the rest of the keywords.

Client will approve the keywords before start with our optimisation process.



We will then provide SEO On-Page recommendations for each and every page. All these recommendations will be listed on a spreadsheet that we keep updating on a monthly basis.

NOTE: In this particular case, we ahve worked very closely with the Denimio dev team to ensure that all of the on-page and website structural issues, such as page load speed, were addressed.

We meticulously go through each page and provide recommendations for each Meta, Title, Description, Alt Image, H1 header etc.

We will provide recommendations on URL structure as well. A better URL structure can greatly impact search engine rankings.

Besides semantic HTML elements, we also recommend improving navigation structure and flow of the site.

We also recommended the implementation of a blog, which has allowed us to execute a solid ongoing content strategy.



Content is a key component of our strategy. We have collaborated with the internal team to produce very engaging, and SEO specific blog posts and articles.

The content has been consistently shared on their Facebook page. We measured the engagement we received, and also boosted each article on Facebook to increase visibility for better Facebook pixel engagement.



Utilizing Moz tool and Google Analytics, we provide weekly reporting to the client.

The chart on the left shows the improvement in organic traffic after On-Page SEO implementation.

The chart on the right shows the improvement of the keywords we are tracking. This report is submitted weekly.


Facebook Ads

Reducing Denimio's Cost Per Acquisition


For conversion based ad campaigns, whether by Facebook or Adwords, it is crucial to understand each of the different ads funnel that go through by Facebook audience. This allow us to train and capture more data in Pixel and better top funnel experience.

In terms of Denimio's needs, they wanted to run a contest to generate more interest to their brand, and also to reduce the overall Cost-Per-Acquisition.

On average, Denimio's jeans cost over $200. The previous Cost Per Acquisition was high, and they were looking to lower their CPA thus allowing them to acquire more clients for less.



These are our key steps when running an ad campaign:

1. Discovery process to understand the client's needs, problems and goals.

2. We identify the target audience with a market persona analysis. This is sent to client for review.

3. We create a campaign structure sheet with ad targeting, ad copies and ad images for client's review.

4. Landing page recommendations and creation (optional).

5. Once the campaign structure is approved, our team will set up the campaign.

6. We constantly optimize each ad campaign, and A/B split test new ads for both desktop and mobile.

7. We provide weekly report



This is a sample of a market personal analysis to determine which target audience and how we should target the. This will discussed with the client to make sure this is in line with the actual target audience.



We restructured their Facebook ad campaign, and focused on a very finite audience.

The initial ad copy was sent to client for approval. The ad copy was refined again and again based on the results we were obtaining. The contest resulted in a very high click-through rate.



This contest had a very high level of participation (over 100 entries) and at a very low Cost per Engagement of 1 Japnese Yen, which is equivalent to one cent.

Along with the contest ad campaign, we also ran a campaign to reduce the Cost-Per-Acquisition for Denimio's denim sales. They ran the ads themselves by running ads on their inventory restock. Denimio obtained an average of $20 CPA for each denim sold through the campaign.

We created a very lean campaign structure and we helped them revamp their CPA ad campaign. The new campaign we ran for them helped reduced their CPA from $20 to an average of $5. This effort greatly increased their profit margin per online sale.



Every week we will report of the previous week's results, and our insights and modifications for the following week. This is to ensure that clients are constantly aware and understanding of the results achieved each week. We also have the ability to custom tailor reports to each client's metrics preference and style.


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