How to optimise your shopify conversion rate?

eCommerce conversion rate is the most important element to optimize in 2019. On the average, the standard conversion rate for eCommerce is at 1% to 1.5%. Every 1% improved in conversion rate is equivalent to 100% improved over your sales, without increasing your advertising budget or traffic acquisition.

Sounds simple to you? But eCommerce conversion rate is not as easy as it looks. Let us breakdown the core conversion rate optimization techniques so that you can get an idea on how to optimize your Shopify store.

  1. Website speed.

  2. Social Influence.

  3. Product offers.

  4. Product images.

  5. Product descriptions.

Website speed.

Speed is everything. Do you know every 1 seconds improved in website loading speed will increase your website conversion rate by 10%?

You may read this story on how itt cost Amazon $1.6 Billion in sales for every 1 second delayed.

From our experience optimizing Shopify eCommerce, speed is #1 element to optimise. It should be the foundation of not just conversion rate , but user experience and retention as well.


Usually, for Shopify, the #1 cause for speed slowing down is because of image files and CSS. It’s very confusing for first speed optimization because it’s showing everything that slow down the website, but by applying 80/20 rules we are able to focus on the problems that matters.

Image files. It’s the heaviest and biggest files on Shopify that most eCommerce overlook. One of the way to optimize this is by reducing the raw image files to something lighter. The aim is to reduce the weight to 80%.

Social influence.

There are lots of reason people buy, or people dont buy. Whatever it is, 60% of the times is based on what they hear about your products.

The most common mistake we see new eCommerce making such mistake is not showing what others have to say about their product. Why? In some of our experiment running retargeting ads of showing what users say about the product, literally it increased the click-through rate and conversion rate.

When showing user reviews prominently on home page and product pages, the conversion rate can shoot up high. Collecting reviews can be a difficult process with email follow-ups and technology stack, however, there are some good solution that solve this problem on Shopify.

One of our favourite tools is

Collecting reviews using is completely automated. Their backend system will trigger the email invitation to leave reviews so you can stay focused on growing your eCommerce.

Product offers.

Good offers are the fuel to eCommerce sales, like what vitamin is to young kids growing up.

To craft a good and irresistible product offer, you should first identify what is the biggest motivation to get buyers to come back to buy the product.

Of course, this requires lots of testing and A/B test to ensure the optimum response. What worked for most eCommerce is

1.product bundle, 2 free 1, shipping

4. and more.

The key is to do a proper split test so that you are able to measure responses, giving you deep insights about what worked best for your audience

Product images.

People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Very common mistakes people do when capturing product videos and photos is that they are too focused on the “What”.

This holds very true if you are selling luxury items. The key to taking great images is to focus on the lifestyle side of the product. This will spark great engagement and unconsciously people be able to imagine the luxury side of the product.

One good example would be mahabis. If you noticed most of the product image is taken while chilling at cosy places, sending a message of being comfortable and cozy.

Product descriptions.

A well-crafted sales copy will make a difference to conversion rate. However, it is advisable not to be too pitchy because it will drive the customers away if overdoing it.

The good way to do this is captivating, simple and yet informative enough.

One fine example is how mahabis put simplicity into company introduction.

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Gerald Ming